Thursday, July 20, 2006

Typho, Bad Breathing & Some Questions

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"Not a problem, Captain. I'll have them changed in a few minutes." I contact the range center and request the target change. I ask for a mix of Battle Droids and Droideka. This should be something little more familiar for the Naboo.

"Captain, did you want me to work with Wrora and Moteé to help bring them up to spec or take the other troops to the firing range?" I asked as the targets began to become droids.

Captain Typho looks at me for a moment. "I'll work with you to help them," he says. "I assume you have some subordinate that can go on with the others to the qualifying range? If so, you and I can stay here and focus on these two. Lt. Dysar will take charge of my team over there."

"I would prefer to work you to help Wrora and Moteé, Captain." I contacted the range center. "This is TK 266. Send EK 1994 down to range six. Have him contact Lt. Dysar of the Naboo security force and assist with range duty. TK 266 out. I am at your disposal Captain.

We start from scratch with Wrora and Moteé, emphasizing posture for Wrora and breathing for Moteé. Once again we send them to the line to try to get past the calibration stage of today's task.

"So, you work with Lt. Cmdr. Oneida?" he asks. "How long have you served with her? Since she was stationed here on Coruscant, or further back?"

I look at Moteé's shooting. "Captain, no offence, but Moteé breaths like a Gundark in heat. I think we are going to have to work a lot more with her."

I see Captain Typho's eyebrow rise ever so slightly. I guess he won't be thrown off so easily. I have to remember to work more on my small talk skills.

The Captain says nothing as we watch Moteé. His eye looks towards me again.

"I met Lt. Cmdr. Oneida five months after the Battle of Geonosis," I say. "I don't know how long she had been on Coruscant. All I knew was she was given a high security clearance and the power to pick the troopers she wanted. I can't talk about our missions, but I have served as an escort for her on and off for the last 13 months."

I hope that is enough to satisfy his curiosity. I call to Moteé to stop shooting and run through some more breathing exercises, focusing on pulling the trigger on the held breath or the exhale, at the very least.

"Moteé is one of our newer handmaidens, so she was chosen first because of her looks, second because of her fighting skills," he says. "A more experienced handmaiden was recently let go."

He pauses, and then says, "So, you've worked with Lt. Cmdr. Oneida for over a year. That's a long time. I realize that you can't talk specifically about your missions, of course, but does she work with Cmdr. Andros often? In general... does she seem to enjoy her work?"

To be continues

Read Captain Typho’s view here


Wedge Antillies said...

You know, AOC, I am the last one to help out a clone, but Typho is starting to creep me out. You better be more guarded with your comments.

Captain Typho said...

Wait, he's the one comparing handmaidens to unsavory creatures and I creep you out? Huh?

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Wedge Is just a little protective of the Lt. Cmdr (who is 20 years older then him)

Don't worry to much Wedge, Typho is just a guy in love, trying to protect the one he loves. I am sure we all know about that. :)

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Hey, stop making me feel old, Tak!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

A bantha in heat? You slay me, Tak!

Vampirella said...

lol... hey maybe it makes him young

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Those questions have some hidden meaning to them.