Monday, January 30, 2006

The Rest of the Press Conference

Reporter 3: Senator Ask Aak, recently galactic lobbyist Jerk AbramHutt admitted to, and I quote from the court document, “trading Speedos and Oreos for political favors, giving bribes to members of the Senate and dressing like a Hutt.” It is rumored that Chancellor Palpatine had his photo taken with AbramHutt and then let AbramHutt meet with many of the top government officials. Do you have any comment?

Senator Ask Aak: (adjusting his Speedo and wiping Oreo crumbs from his robe): Again with the hating the Republic. What has this Universe come to when reporters make up these baseless accusations? First of all, the Chancellor has his photo taken with lots of people. It part of his job. Just like me (wave at TK 266… TK 266 brings/drags the reporter to the front of the room and takes a picture of Senator Ask Aak and her.) Look we have a picture together and doesn’t mean any thing. As for who AbramHutt meet with: How would we know? We don’t follow his calendar. Next Question. Or do you have a follow up (begins to wave at TK 266 again)

Reporter 3: No questions here, I think I’ll head out now to get another job.

Reporter 4: Senator Ask Aak, can you shed any light on the rumor of the Chancellor using “Force” lighting on an Aldraanian Senator?

Senator Ask Aak: That old urban legend making the round again (forced laugher). The truth is it was a cold, dry day on Coruscant and the Chancellor had just walked across a shag carpet while rubbing a balloon on his hair. All a tragic case of static shock overload.

(reporters glance around at each other incredulously)

Senator Ask Aak: Well thank you for all coming here today. If you have any other question or need a press packet, please direct yourself to the prison... I mean information ship the landing deck. For any one who has questions on the “Those Who Hate the Republic Rendition Policy” please board the ship on the left side for a trip to the Gamorrean home world to see how this policy is being enacted. Any takers…anyone. Oh well, I hope this has cleared up any question you may have had. Good Day.


The press conference ended pretty quickly. I was surprised how many reporters ended up on the ship to the Gamorrean home world. Never did see their article on the Holonet. Strange all that interest, but no story. Oh well, on to the next assignment.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Cool New Assignment

The Chancellor has been receiving some undue criticisms for the past few months. Because of this the Chancellor began community outreach to let the public hear the truth behind these “allegations”.

My unit was assigned to protection, but not to the Chancellor’s group. We would be traveling with Senator Ask Aak of Malastare. He was an appropriate choice due to his strong support for the Chancellor and his name has the phrase ‘Ask” built right in to it.

It has been a fantastic and successful trip. I learned so much how the Chancellor is fighting hard for all our rights and freedoms.

Here is a sample of the give and take between Senator Ask Aak and the liberal bias press who hate the Republic.

Reporter 1: Senator Ask Aak, There has been a lot of controversy over the unilateral decision to wiretap citizens of the Republic without warrants?

Senator Ask Aak: Why do you reporters hate the Republic so much? The Chancellor talked about his the other day. In his own words:

One of the methods to secure proper intelligence is to monitor all communications going off-planet to Separatist worlds and outposts. Now, granted there is a whole lot of com traffic going around here on Coruscant, so we have employed filtering methods that allow us to only monitor people that we consider to be bad guys.”

There you have it, we are only looking for badguys and we know who the badguys are. Do you want another attack on Coruscant and the Chancellor being kiddnapped again? The only way we can stop attackes like that from happening is this legal, fair, protecting your rights wiretapping. Next question.

Reporter 1: Coruscant was attacked and the Chancellor was kidnapped? What… When?

Senator Ask Aak: Oh yeah that hasn’t happened yet… NEXT QUESTION (waves to me to remove reporter 1)

Reporter 2: There has been a lot of criticisms of many of the Chancellor's polices, from the wiretapping and excess use of the emergency powers to his supposed meeting with Lobbyist Jerk AbramHutt. What do you have to say to those critics?

Senator Ask Aak: Why do you reporters hate the Republic so much? The Chancellor is only using the powers given to him by the Senate. And when citizens question the Chancellor policies, it only gives aid and comfort to the Separatists. Questioning the Chancellor also hurts our Clone Troopers. How can they do there job if they think the partisan politicians and bias Republic hating press don’t support them? Is that what you are saying, you don’t support the Clone Troopers? Next Question.

Reporter 2: Uh, don’t the Clone Troopers just follow orders no matter what the political situation? I mean they were built and programmed that way, right??

Senator Ask Aak: NEXT QUESTION (waves to me to remove reporter 2)

I have to get back to duty now, but will let you know how the rest of the press conference went.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Batch 3

This is the kind of wierdness I was talking about with batch 3. There is something really wrong with them.

special thanks to where I borrowed these pictures

Tagged by the Lt. Cmdr.

Four Jobs You’ve Had In Your Life
Night watch commander
Droid Hunter
Movie Extra (How To Spot a Separatist-The PSA. I was the 3rd trooper on the right)

Four Places You’ve Lived
Tipoca City, Kamino
Mos Eisley, Tatooine
Kashyyyk (but only for a short time)

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch
Clone Improvement
Coruscant’s Funniest Clone Videos
The Twilight Clone
Clone of Arcadia

Four Places You’ve Been On Vacation
Alderaan (but really only saw it for a short time in space)
Dagobah (not to much fun)
Dantooine (a little remote of my taste, that why I ended up going to Alderaan)
Hoth (great skiing, short lift lines, local a little to aggressive on the slopes)

Four Blogs You Visit Daily
Master Yoda
Lt. Cmdr Oneida
JJ the Jawa (not really a blog, but I visit every weekday)

Four Of Your favorite Foods
Greek Salad
BBQ Tri-tip (my recipe of course)

Four Places You’d Rather Be
Hothwood Ski resort
Camping on Kashyyyk (great trees)
Naboo (the handmaiden’s gone wild tour)
Disney Land

Four Albums You Can’t Live WithoutAlbums?
Clash: London Calling
Greenday: American Idiot
Tori Amos: Little Earthquakes
Nina Simone: The Essential Nina Simone

Four Vehicles You’ve Owned
A Dewback
BARC Speeder
All Terrain Recon Tranport (AT-RT)

Four People To Be Tagged

Batch Mates Graduation Day

This is for the Lt. Cmdr who wanted to see some of the photos of my batch mates. I'm the one in last row on the right... no the left side 3rd from the end. No wait I am in the second row 4th in...ahh heck I can't tell.

But this is our graduation picture for Batch 2 sub group C, class 127 :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Who I am

Hello one and all. Welcome to the ramblings of a veteran clone trooper. I have had several designations over the years: Alpha 20397, Trooper A-20397 and of course after start of the Republic Navy TK 266.

I am one of several million clone troopers, designed on Kamino at the request of the late Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas. We were all cloned from the Great Bounty Hunter Janga Fett, with genetic changes to make better soldiers. The first 200,000 of the clone troopers were “experimental”. We had four batches: Alpha 1-4. Each group had some small problems.

Batch 1 (Alpha 1): Batch 1 were given heightened aggression. Now that is just want we needed more aggressive Jangas. They were a little crazy and would go feral in battle, like a Wookiee on a bad hair day. Half the time they would attack each other just out of pure glee. They were used on lots of suicide missions. Almost none are left now.

Batch 2: (Alpha 2): Batch 2 ended up with to much of Janga’s solitary genetic traits. It means They make good sniper, forward observers and special op. The down side: don’t like hanging out with other clones, loyalty to Republic not as engrained, no room for advancement.

Batch 3: (Alpha 3): Man something was just wrong in that batch. The rumor is that Lemur Su was mixing up JJ style brownies in the lab that day and something got contaminated. We just don’t talk about batch 3 that much.

Batch 4: (Alpha 4): This batch was just about perfect, with the exception of a small sweating problem. If they were in the sun much (like on Tatooine or Mustafar) they got “Janga Funk”. That is a disorder that caused a lot of armor to be retired way to soon.

Well, that's a little about me. More to come.