Friday, January 27, 2006

Cool New Assignment

The Chancellor has been receiving some undue criticisms for the past few months. Because of this the Chancellor began community outreach to let the public hear the truth behind these “allegations”.

My unit was assigned to protection, but not to the Chancellor’s group. We would be traveling with Senator Ask Aak of Malastare. He was an appropriate choice due to his strong support for the Chancellor and his name has the phrase ‘Ask” built right in to it.

It has been a fantastic and successful trip. I learned so much how the Chancellor is fighting hard for all our rights and freedoms.

Here is a sample of the give and take between Senator Ask Aak and the liberal bias press who hate the Republic.

Reporter 1: Senator Ask Aak, There has been a lot of controversy over the unilateral decision to wiretap citizens of the Republic without warrants?

Senator Ask Aak: Why do you reporters hate the Republic so much? The Chancellor talked about his the other day. In his own words:

One of the methods to secure proper intelligence is to monitor all communications going off-planet to Separatist worlds and outposts. Now, granted there is a whole lot of com traffic going around here on Coruscant, so we have employed filtering methods that allow us to only monitor people that we consider to be bad guys.”

There you have it, we are only looking for badguys and we know who the badguys are. Do you want another attack on Coruscant and the Chancellor being kiddnapped again? The only way we can stop attackes like that from happening is this legal, fair, protecting your rights wiretapping. Next question.

Reporter 1: Coruscant was attacked and the Chancellor was kidnapped? What… When?

Senator Ask Aak: Oh yeah that hasn’t happened yet… NEXT QUESTION (waves to me to remove reporter 1)

Reporter 2: There has been a lot of criticisms of many of the Chancellor's polices, from the wiretapping and excess use of the emergency powers to his supposed meeting with Lobbyist Jerk AbramHutt. What do you have to say to those critics?

Senator Ask Aak: Why do you reporters hate the Republic so much? The Chancellor is only using the powers given to him by the Senate. And when citizens question the Chancellor policies, it only gives aid and comfort to the Separatists. Questioning the Chancellor also hurts our Clone Troopers. How can they do there job if they think the partisan politicians and bias Republic hating press don’t support them? Is that what you are saying, you don’t support the Clone Troopers? Next Question.

Reporter 2: Uh, don’t the Clone Troopers just follow orders no matter what the political situation? I mean they were built and programmed that way, right??

Senator Ask Aak: NEXT QUESTION (waves to me to remove reporter 2)

I have to get back to duty now, but will let you know how the rest of the press conference went.


Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Umm, do I want to know how reporters are 'removed'?

As for the wire tapping, it's just made me work that much harder to keep my internal voice internal.

NandeHi said...

I know a few people I would like to have 'removed' can you help me with that? There is a certain creature here at the Jedi Temple that needs removing and I dont mean Yoda..**dang monkey**

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Lt. Cmdr: I'll get to the question of removal in another post.

Nan: The Chancellor was just asking some of the clones just the other day about swinging by the temple to possible help with some removal issues. That monkey must be what he was talking about. He kept talking about the time almost being right, the one he choosing or something like that and the problem with a ridder monkey. My helmet was on tight and I couldn’t hear everything. But yeah I’ll stop by. What’s that drink you like again??

Revan said...

If the chancelor asked you to remove yourself would you? *waves hand in front of face* I'm the chancelor, remove yourself.

Jango Fett said...

What a waste of time for my clones or the chancellors...or...who ever owns them.

How is everyone today?