Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Who I am

Hello one and all. Welcome to the ramblings of a veteran clone trooper. I have had several designations over the years: Alpha 20397, Trooper A-20397 and of course after start of the Republic Navy TK 266.

I am one of several million clone troopers, designed on Kamino at the request of the late Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas. We were all cloned from the Great Bounty Hunter Janga Fett, with genetic changes to make better soldiers. The first 200,000 of the clone troopers were “experimental”. We had four batches: Alpha 1-4. Each group had some small problems.

Batch 1 (Alpha 1): Batch 1 were given heightened aggression. Now that is just want we needed more aggressive Jangas. They were a little crazy and would go feral in battle, like a Wookiee on a bad hair day. Half the time they would attack each other just out of pure glee. They were used on lots of suicide missions. Almost none are left now.

Batch 2: (Alpha 2): Batch 2 ended up with to much of Janga’s solitary genetic traits. It means They make good sniper, forward observers and special op. The down side: don’t like hanging out with other clones, loyalty to Republic not as engrained, no room for advancement.

Batch 3: (Alpha 3): Man something was just wrong in that batch. The rumor is that Lemur Su was mixing up JJ style brownies in the lab that day and something got contaminated. We just don’t talk about batch 3 that much.

Batch 4: (Alpha 4): This batch was just about perfect, with the exception of a small sweating problem. If they were in the sun much (like on Tatooine or Mustafar) they got “Janga Funk”. That is a disorder that caused a lot of armor to be retired way to soon.

Well, that's a little about me. More to come.


Revan said...

Yay! You posted! Any ways, have you met Delta 38? He's the clone commander of Delta Group. He likes cheese, that's why I know him, because he likes cheese...

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Great post :)

So I'm guessing you're batch 2?

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Revan: I haven't met Delta 38 Yet. But the Betas, Gammas and Deltas thank they are so much better then the Alphas. Just cuz they have all the good traits and we have a couple of flaws (except batch 3, I'm with them on batch 3 having major issues)

Lt.cmdr: yes, I am batch 2. We are the snipers, listening post operater and the lone clone on night shift.

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Yeah, I figured, I've probably bothered many of your batchmates while waiting for something to happen during the night shift

Anakin Skywalker said...

I'm not really feelin the alpha bravo numbers shizzy. I'm gonna call you.... Earl.

Harold said...

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