Thursday, July 27, 2006

Planning To Bomb Oursleves ...

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Jardina looks at me while making her decision. “Yes, Tak that would be helpful. It might take a while by myself. Let’s see if we can get you back to base by evening Mess”

I roll my eyes, “Of course Lt. Cmdr. Who would want to miss out on Crud on Toast? Let’s get to it.”

We head over to the small bank of listening equipment; I start to take apart several pieces that Jardina won’t be using. I make some noise and the occasional cures in Mando, just to make it sound right.

Jardina mover to her com station and begins to slice a path to the building. She moves thought the system so fast, I can barley follow what she is doing. It looks like she is slicing into an off-world relay. In short order I see the building specs come up on the screen. She looks over her shoulder at me, while pointing to a power cuplink two floors down. I point to one a floor above and one apartment away. It is the residents of the Berchest ambassador. She had made a speech attacking the Banking Clan recently and would be a believable target.

Jardena set up a power feed loop that will go undetected for an hour or so, and then blow up. She used a Separatist signal signature we picked up on our last mission. It is old enough that security should be able to pick it up, but new enough not to look like a plant.

Within 15 minutes she is finished. It is always great to watch her work. I know she wouldn’t admit it, but she loves this part of her job. Getting around the best security system in the Republic gives it own special rush. I am glad we are on the same side, because she would be a formidable asset to the separatist.

We “worked” in relative silence for the next hour, making small talk about G.A.R equipment failures, regulations that annoy the rank and file and when we think this current conflict will end.

Then there is a muffled boom from out in the hall. The power in the apartment goes out, my comlink goes dead and we both jump into action. With in 2 minutes I have collected all the all the listening devises placed around the room and Jardina has scooped up all the clothing in her room that was bugged. While in her bed room she quickly pulls off the shirt she is wearing and grabs another. I look away, but not before seeing a glimpse of her back and shoulders as her hair flips up slightly.

Jardina shot out of the room and tosses me the bag of clothing. “Get these back to my office, scan them and see if you can figure out who made them. I’ll take the others devises and work on them. I’ll contact you as soon as I find something out. I may need you help again, you up for it, Tak.”

I hand her 5 of the devises we pulled from the walls, “Of course Lt. Cmdr. If I need to, I’ll try to contact you through secure channel.” I want to give her a hug to let her know everything will be ok, but I can’t.

I head out into the confusion of the hallway. Senator, diplomats and the elites of Coruscant’s society are milling about, looking dazed. I don’t know why, but I want to grab them by the neck and watch their life drain away.

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Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

I think a lot of people feel that way when they look at politicians who have lots of money despite a megar salary. It must a fact or law of nature or something ;)

Darth Nepharia said...

"...I like the job because the scenery changes, the pay is good, and I get to blow things up...."

captain koma said...

You know that feeling is normal. We all get it its just the real crazy ones who do nothing about it who have the hardest time. So my advice is find some useless politician and give a good beating, don't kill them just a good thrassing and you'll feel as right as rain. Works for me all the time.

Wedge Antillies said...

Ouch! You all need to take a chill pill. I can understand AOC's frustration,what with working that close to Commander Oneida. That kind of pressure would make me crazy too.

As for politicians, we all get the government that we deserve. If you don't become proactive in the process, then the wrong people start making the rules.

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Wedge, that was deep.

Lord Vader said...

Very true.

"As for politicians, we all get the government that we deserve. If you don't become proactive in the process, then the wrong people start making the rules."

Professor Xavier said...

So those Stormtrooper helmets have built in video recorders, don't they? Get that clip up on Youtube, my friend!