Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Lt. Cmdr. Calls An Exterminator

I am on the Range with the Naboo Security Force when my come link goes off, informing me of an incoming message. I check the message. It is from the Lt. Cmdr

"TK266, this is Lt. Cmdr Oneida, I need you to find a EO1988 as well as a JS22 replacement part for the local command post. I only need one right now. Thanks. Let me know when you can do that."

Something is up. The Lt. Cmdr usually goes out of her way to call me Tak. By asking for the E01988 and JS22 parts, I knew something big was up.

I excuse my self from the Naboo Security Chief, Captain Typho and make my way to the Lt. Cmdr’s office.

The Day Watch officer inquires what I am doing, since I have range duty. I show him the message and he let me by with a mutter comment about “pampered Navy staff”.

Once in the office I find the two small pieces of equipment the Lt. Cmdr requested. Both are used for ultra-sensitive listening devises. The items are not usually removed from base with out formal authorization. I hide the items in my boots and grab a E01988 and JS22 replacement parts.

I call the Lt. Cmdr from the com station in her office and leave a message.

“Lt. Cmdr Oneida, I have retrieved the E01998 and the JS22 parts you requested. I will sign out with the duty officer and deliver the parts within the hour. TK266 out.”

I see the duty office and head out in to the city. I am nervous, but not because I am carrying contraband. I want to know why the Lt. Cmdr needs these items.

I nodded to the Lt. Cmdr. put the replacement parts on the table. I pulled the two bug sweepers out of my boots and tossed one to the Lt. Cmdr.

“How was your morning Lt. Cmdr?” I said in a neutral voice. I began scanning the room. You would not believe the morning I had. No offence, but some of your fellow Nabooan just don’t know their weapons. One guy kept calling the DS-15A the DS 15-D. I me come on they are as different as night and day” I give a little laugh

I continue to scan, while trying to read Oneida’s reaction. She is focused on the scanning, but gives me a hand signal to continue.

“Captain Cordilia got me confused with E775, again. And you know how funny He and I think that is. Captain Cordila has worked with us for 7 months now and still can’t tell us apart.”

As I continue my sweep, I pass the bedroom. I try not to pause, but I do notice that there is bedding in the closet. Damm, Jardina must really be spooked.

Jardina listened to me prattle on about inanities of recent base life, as we continued to scan the room. She says something about confused officer and Sullustans.

I chuckled lightly at her comment. She put down her scanner and wrote a note and held it up. Her frustration was high as I read the note:

‘I know there is something in here, I just don't know what. Doesn't appear on normal scanners. Gran? Tethian? New Tech possibly?

And why the *%@#!!! is it in my apartment?'

In a calms voice she asks me if I would like a drink.

My scanner detected something. It was a listen devise, no visual. I motioned to Jardina: two fingers to my eye and a negative head shake a tap to my ear with a positive nod. Then another appeared and another. As I made my way closer to her room several more pop up on the scanner. This was a lot more than I expected to find. I held up five fingers.

“Yes, Lt. Cmdr. I would appreciate a drink. I’ll just have water, though.”

I pinpoint the first devise, a wafer thing painted into the wall. Well that was cleverer then what I would have done.

As I took the glass of water from Jardina, the sensor lights up again.

“I had range duty today, Lt. Cmdr. I helped the Naboo security force become accustomed to G.A.R. weaponry. We are working with many of the senate security forces to bring them up to speed. I meet Captain Typho, your friend from Big Brother:Naboo. He is an excellent solider.”

I show the scanner to Jardina and point to her military ID. I continue to scan her clothing.

I point to the bedroom closet and make my way into the room. The voorpaks scamper away as I cross the room. Jardina stands at the door, looking angrier by the minute.

Read from Lt. Cmdr. Oneida’s view here.

To Be Continued


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Should you be scanning Jardena's clothing?

Merlyn Gabriel said...

I hope it's not an internal INTEL op. They'll be so annoyed if you destroy their toys, you know.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

It was a wafer thin mint?

Vampirella said...

glad you are helping her

I hate bugs

buy raid buy lots of it

okay well it works with the other type of bugs your know

Darth Nepharia said...

Electronic bugging devices are for the uninitiated. I would look to superiors, inferiors, and Senators -- make any enemies lately?

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

A bug? *jumps up on table* Oh I'm so brave for a Jedi aren't I?