Monday, July 24, 2006

Don't Kill All The Bugs ...

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As I scan the closet, many of the articles of clothing have listening devises. Some have been woven into the cloth. Who ever did this had too much time on their hand. This is overkill.

Jardina come over, looking furious. As she moves to deactivate the devises I give her a negative signal.

“What kind of animals are these, Lt. Cmdr.?” I inquire “I don’t think I have seen anything like them before.”

Jardina glares at me and gives me a WTF look.

“Oh these are Voorpaks. Pets from the south of Naboo. A friend got them for me to remind me of home.” She makes a breaking motion with her hand as she looks towards the closet.

“Oh Pets” I reply “I have never had a pet, no time. What did you name these Voorpaks?” as I finish I lean in extremely close to Jardina’s ear. Surprisingly she does not get irritated with my invasion of her personal space. She must be pissed.

I whisper in the quietest of voices “if we deactivate them like this, whoever placed the bugs will know that you found them. We must create a distraction.”

Her voice is calm, but her eyes shine with fury, “I named one Edee and the other Bodooka. I sure you know the Mando translation for Edee, but Bodooka means ‘energy ball’ in Gunan. …”

I continue to whisper “If we can create a EMP pulse on the five surrounding floors, it would fry the devises. You main equipment should be safe due to its shielding …” the smell of her skin washes over me. I fight the feelings I am having.

“The names match their personalities …*whispers* how …and I like having the reminder of home here.” Jardina continues

*still whispering* “slice into the buildings computer, overload the power converters on floor above this, mask the slice with a Separatist signature …” I feel the heat coming off her. The warmth touches the side of my face. “These etyc aru’e * won’t know they have been found out and building security will be increased” I draw my head back. I hadn’t been that close to here since we sparred.

“It is always nice to have reminders of home, Lt. Cmdr.” I say. My brain is swimming. I work to quiet the turmoil in my head and hope Jardina puts it down to nervousness over the devises we have found. Her temper is high right now and I hope she may have not noticed anything out of the ordinary.

“Lt. Cmdr. Did you want me to help install the replacement parts?” I ask

*Mando: wicked cowards

Read from the Lt. Cmdr’s


Vampirella said...

getting close there were we AOC :)

NandeHi said...

Dont let Typho read this....

Darth Nepharia said...

It appears you are getting to close to your work...

Jean-Luc Picard said...

What is going one here? Temperatures seemed to be rising.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Hold on, make sure you use an EMP this time instead of a nude bomb.