Saturday, July 22, 2006

Questions, Concerns and a Call

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How did I know his thoughts would turn to Cmdr. Andros.

"The Lt. Cmdr works with lot of Naval Officer I don't know. I am not sure if I have met a Cmdr. Andros before. But as to her temper about the job, Lt. Cmdr. Oneida has mentioned missing Naboo. The Naval bureaucracy has a different style than the Naboo Security Forces and I think that is vexing at times. I think overall the Lt. Cmdr. enjoys her job, more so when the job is off Coruscant."

I have many questions I want to ask, but hold my thoughts to myself.

"She prefers when she's *not* on Coruscant?" he asks. He frowns, then adds, "Listen, Tak, I'm sure you know that Jardena is my girlfriend. Without getting too specific, some weird things have happened recently and I'm concerned. Have you noticed anyone she works with or anyone she knows... hanging around her excessively, or crossing the line in some way? You see, someone is stalking her indirectly. I'd do anything to protect her, so if you've seen anything, or you know anything, I'd like to know."

MoteƩ is shooting better. Not great, but much better. I run through some more techniques she that will help. She seems a little apprehensive with me, but I am used this happening. Clones tend to cause some unease with the public.

As I walk back to Captain Typho, my com link beeps… It's a message from Lt. Cmdr Oneida. I put the message on Audio only and have it piped to my helmet… My face remains placid as I listen to the message.

"Captain Typho," I begin, "I have been called away for the rest of the afternoon. I will have another range master take over right away. If MoteƩ needs any further assistance this week, I will be willing to work with her."

The Captain looks quizzically at me.

I lower my voice. "As for your other issue, I have not noticed anyone on base acting out of line. If I have any concerns or see anything out of the ordinary I will contact you."

I bring my voice back to it normal level. "Good luck on the bet with the Corellians."

I head back to base to change out of my armor.

See Captain Tyhpo’s view

The story continued
here for TK 266 and here for Lt.Cmdr Oneida

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