Thursday, August 17, 2006

LIfe and Death Above Endor

Continues from here.

As we travel to Endor we receive orders to put on pressurized armor. This is in case we have to cut thought an airlock from the outside of the ship we are attacking.

I am almost finished suiting up and setting the helmets com link to my personal transponder when the Trooper next to me asks “Are you a Tech? Something is the matter with my helmet com link.”

“No, I am not a Tech, but let me look at it.” I take his helmet and start to look it over. Nothing wrong with I, but it smells funky.”

“Trooper, there is nothing wrong with …” I begin while starting to look aup at him. He is putting on my helmet.

“What are you doing? That's my hel…”

“That helmet stinks, now it is your Rookie.” He laughs and hits the pressure seal.

Great! Now I have a “
Jango Funk” helmet and our com links are screwed up. Well, that is just par for the course with this ill-conceived mission.

We get the signal that we are approaching the Endor system. Lt. Amrose voice comes over our com links. “OK troopers, Beta and Charley will attack on the ports side and attempt to enter in any entry point available. Alpha will follow Delta and keep us covered. I want 3 ARC on Delta and the rest to attack any forward batteries ….”

So my unit gets no cover? What a jerk!

The ship lurches slightly as we drop out of hyperspace. The pilots have done a great job and we are less then 10 Km from the ship.

“Oh my, that is a big ship.” Lt. Ambrose’s voice comes over the com link, tinged with fear.


The senior clone trooper speaks up “Sir, I think we need more ships.”

A false bravado creeps in to Lt. Ambrose’s voice “Never, we will attack as planned. All wings attack now!!!”

We gun it and go. The enemy ship starts to lay down a heavy barrage as we fly in at full throttle. As the Delta squad’s Gunboat approaches the enemy ship it is hit and destroyed. Good bye Lt. Ambrose.

The senior clone NCO’s voice come over the come link. “Defensive pattern Omega Delta One Five Nine” All the ARC-170 break off and sweep the ship near its fighter bay. At that moment, 40 fighters begin to emerge from the ship. Most are wiped out before going 1000 meters.

“Gun Boat Alpha and Charley, concentrate fire on the smaller batteries. Gunboat Beta, land at the stern of the ship, place explosives near any engine exhaust port. You have 10 minutes. The rescue is off, I repeat the resuce is off.” The clone NCO orders in an even voice.

Two ARC-170 are lost quickly. My unit lands and the clone in charge gives hand signals and everyone moves to their jobs. I take two clones and set up a short defense line. We are on the look out for any enemy that might pop out of deck holes. The other nine troopers begin placing explosives, while our Gunboat hovers above ready to give any covering fire we may need.

I send the troopers with me 10 meters left and right of me. The trooper to my right makes a hand signal towards his nose and my helmet. Oh good, Trooper “joker” is on my flank.

Once in position, we wait for the chance to fire at anything. One of the ARC-1670 begins a strafing run along the deck. I contact the crew.

“ARC 7, watch your fire. Friendlies are in the area.”

ARC 7 swings up and come in for another strafing run.

“ARC 7, what are you firing at? No hostile in this area, I repeat no hostiles in this area. Watch your f….”

ARC 7 hits Trooper “joker”. He is vaporized in an instance.

“ARC 7, friendly fire causality. What are you firing at? Repeat what are you firing at?”

As ARC 7 circle up again, it is hit by a heavy laser batter and spins into the bow of the ship.

Delta squad’s lead trooper informs us that the explosives are planted. The Gunship drops and 11 of us load up. We have lost 4 more Arc-170’s and Gunboat Alpha. We move at top speed to get away from the enemy ship. A few fighters try to follow us, but break off as their master ship begins to explode. Within minutes the ship has broken and two and is falling towards the moon.

“Back to base” come the order over the com link.

We are back to Coruscant. We hear news that the owner of Skycity, has made it back. How that happened, no one can figure out.

We are all being debriefed. One of the officers listing the KIAs, when I hear my designation. I speak up, tell the officer what happened. They are not happy. More paperwork for them now.

I am put on inactive duty, but not allowed to leave the base while it gets sorted out. Great, this could take weeks. How the heck am I going to help the Lt. Cmdr now?


Jaina Solo said...

Use another clone as you. You all look the same right? How hard can it be to fool a couple of Naval officers?

Local Henchmen 432 said...

I would have stayed "Dead". Then you could of been a ghost in the system. Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Not very hard, Jaina

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Aw come on, they all look alike. You think some snooty colonel is going to take the time to tell the difference between a couple of lowly grunts?

No offense or nothing, Tak.

Wedge Antillies said...

If you were able to fix his comm unit, could we call you Tech-Tak?

Skywalker said...

Just don't drop the 'Funk', bro.

Professor Xavier said...

Oh like you're going to let a little thing like being confined to base stop you? Rules are made to be broken.

And I did think that Erifia did the best job of all of us with that gender switching task. Of course that didn't stop me from voting for myself. ;-)

Legolas said...

Otters aren't awesome, they're Ottsome.

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Good one, Legolas.