Monday, March 13, 2006

Back to Base to Make a Plan!

I headed back to base after my illuminating discussion with the assistance Archivist. She seemed a little stressed out by her job.

Once back at base I jumped on the Holo-Net and looked for information on Kaminoian Kat Kloning. As the Archivist stated the company seemed to be dedicated to cloning pets for the super rich. The write ups showed a successful business with a good bottom line. From what I read, the pet clones seemed to be very good, which suggest that a real Kaminian was helping make the clone. But I could not imagine any Kaminoian stooping so low as to clone pets.

This mystery is beginning to be more enigmatic, obtuse and inscrutable by the moment. (sorry, just bought a new Thesaurus and I am going to get my monies worth)

I loaded the all the information into my data pad and was ready to go when the Archivist words came back to me:

*cough,moron,cough,idiot,cough* No, not those one!!

“Oh, and I would think twice about showing up at K.K.K. wearing your white armor!”

I would need a disguise! But what?

I began to look around.

Hmmmm, what about a hat?

No good.

I could grab the "Qui-Gon" costume that one of the Batch 3 clones wore last Nabooween.

Naaa, it just doesn’t seem right.

Maybe I could go without the armor.

That will work, but now everyone will think I am Commander Cody.

Lets see…A little make up and…

No, don’t like it. How about…

No, not a good look for me. Let’s try…

Oh Yeah Baby! That’s the look for me.

OK. Off to Kaminoian Kat Kloning.


HOLG said...


I know the feeling of being confused with someone else.

Us droids, like you clones, all look alike.

Do you think could try one of your ideas. That way I will be different from the others.

Ummmmm Do you mind if I try that Qui Gon costume?

Vampirella said...

LOLOLOLOL... I am so glad there is no clones of me

Norbert Huntington IV said...

I must say, you clones do not have that much imagination, do you? Why just the other day someone who looked just like you came here looking for something very similar.

And, byt the way, that was my mother you were speaking to yesterday, so show a little more repect, please.

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

TK266, you didn't go to the urban disguise class, did you? We'll have to work on your costume and disguise skills when I come back.

Gyrobo said...

They must never know it was you!

Jaina Solo said...

LOL!!! I like it!

Jabafatboy said...

I kinda like the hat myself, little debonair, sophisticated, groomed.

By the way, whats another word for thesarus

JawaJuice said...

Wait! That last disguise....that's Typho, right?
I think you should just wear a fez. Everyone looks good in a fez.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

You master of diguise, you.

Rebel Soldier said...

Hey, whered that Stormtrooper go? heh! he must have ran away! and i Bet bariss didint heal him. i kinda feel sorry for the dude.....i better go now incase he comes back!


Jango Fett said...

The Master of Diguise

Clones are the masters of that. :)