Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pithy or Pissy?

Another Trooper and I were on a "hearts and minds" patrol on a planet in the Outer Rim. It was a peaceful mission, just to show the flag and show that the Republic cared about the Rim Scum.

We were surprised how much the local had worked to make the Grand Army of the Republic feel at home. They had even set up special restrooms for us, which is great.

Trooper bathroom
Is it for Troopers only?

We were in the midst of using one of the facilities, when a Republic Naval officer came into the restroom. He stared at us for a moment and then barked, “ Trooper it is customary to salute a superior when they enter a room?”

We both turned and gave the WTF stare.

stormtroopers restroom
Thank Goodness he cannot see our faces.

We finish our business, give a sharp salute and went to leave the restroom.

Trooper, In the Republic Navy we are taught to wash our hand after using the bathroom!” he said with a sneer.

Yes, I know sir, but in the Grand Army of the Republic we were trained not to piss on our hands.” I replied with a nod as we walked out.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Remember, don't shake it more than three times...

captain koma said...

Gee those navy guys are dumb.

I laughed myself silly.

Please spend more time blogging.

It makes my life better.

November Rain said...

shakes her head.... and puts it in her hands :P

Hotstuff said...

Welcome back

Justice said...

always said Guys has it better

Shiara said...

yeah shame I can shift into a male at times

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

*spits* LOL!

Skywalker said...

Thank the force Jedi dont have to salute anyone. I did once, forgot my lightsaber was in my hand... I wonder if that guy ever got an replacement eye?

Jawa Juice said...

All those rules just piss me off!

...it's a good thing when it comes to rules I just don't give a sh**--

jin said...

Damn...you're good.

p.s. Your LePetite Mortes comment was friggin brilliant!!!!!!