Thursday, March 01, 2007

Drinking Games?

I have been called into my unit commander’s office.

Commander Badburns

TK-266, it has come to our attention that some of the troopers went out last night. Were you with the groups?”

Yes Sir, I was.”

I have also heard that the unit drank heavily. Is that correct?”

Depends on your definition of heavily, Sir

He pulls out a data pad, “Let’s see …. Hmmm…. A bar tab of 1,800 credits for seven troopers. Sound heavy to me

We did pay the tab, Sir. And in our defense the drinks were expensive at that joint” I am glad I have my helmet on and he cannot see my face.

Well the drinking is not the problem. It seems someone vandalized my neighborhood afterwards. Lot me show you a Holo of what was done.” The officer leans towards me and shows me the photo. “Do you have any idea who may have done this?”

house tped
Sand People couldn’t have done this – the shot are to precise.

No Idea, Sir. It could be Separatist.” I try not to let a smirk in my voice

The officer just glared at me. “Or does this ring any bells for you?"

wonder dog
Officer Wonder Dog

I bite my tongue, “No Sir, but she looks great, don’t you think?”

Bowser is a male you idiot. And I supposes you have no idea what this graffiti spray painted on the side of my house means.”

che 3
Tak Guevara?

Uhhhhh …. More separatist, sir?”

I must remember not to drink that much in the future.


cooltopten said...

lmao viva la taki .very good:)

Jabafatboy said...

Ughhh.... My head....where am I...

That tak i'm gonna kill him


michelle said...

the dog looks crazy!
btw michele sent me

Dark Jedi Kriss said...


Skywalker said...

Officer Wonder Dog?
And people say I'm nuts!

jin said...

I bet a hangover feels 10x worse in a confining smelly dark helmet.

Master Obi-Wan said...

I have to say....that dog is overkill but very gooood. Next time you have an outing like that let me know, please.

Master Adana said...

I have been out drinking but not like that. You guys take the cake. Nice grafitti though.

Darth Vader said...


carli said...

Isn't it hard to drink through those helmets?
Oh, I guess you take them off.
But I couldn't think of anything funny to say.
Endor sounds funny, eh?

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

You troopers are all alike, get a couple drinks in you and all of a sudden you start abusing the animals.

Catherine said...

Cute dog! Michele sent me tonight

Bob-kat said...

LOL! Now that just sounds like a good night out for me!

I o9nly found out what toilet papering was the other week as we don't have the practice in the UK!

I came from Michele's as we leap frogged each other and didn't wnat you to be left out!

Merlyn Gabriel said...

phew TAK, you guys sure know how to party, take me with you next time will you?

Darth Nepharia said...

Tak, I think it is safe to say that the next time you and the guys go out, that you need to invite the rest of us.