Monday, January 22, 2007

AOC: New Jobs (sigh)

It was brought to the attention of some high ranking officer that the Clone Troopers have been less than polite to some non-combat member of the Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.). Something about locking Ensign P. Brandoff jr. in the supply closet (for 3 days) after his little rant about a trooper not filling out the right ZTR-726b form to get a new datapad.

A directive came down from Admiral P. Brandoff sr. that Troopers in my squad would have to take “sensitivity job training”. This is supposed to teach us that all jobs in the G.A.R are important.

For my first day I was ordered to office pool.

I was forced to take public transit.

trooper on subway

Not to bad, but these people need to learn how to use deodorant and not to urinate on the seats.

Once at the office pool, I was given 59 pages of paper work to fill out, assigned my cubical and given my job assignment.

But before I could report to work, I had to get a office ID.

20 minutes later I am arguing with the department in charge of Photo ID, who have informed me that due to the fact I have no office ID, I cannot be giving a Photo ID. I wave the reams of paper work at them, but they send me back to Human Resource.

Once at HR, I discover they have taken a break. I slip in, Slice the mainframe and produce and office ID card and head back to Photo ID

I don’t think they got my best side.

storm temp

I then head back to the HR department to fill out thereat of my paperwork. Again they are on a break, So I am forced to sit and wait, while the front desk person talks on the com-link about which is the best new bar in the CoCo district.

I am beginning to feel it was a bad day to leave my blaster at the base.



Professor Xavier said...

It's not easy being a Stormtrooper.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Maybe you'll pick up some job skills for when you get out of the service.

Uh, you will get out of the service at some point, right?

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Dont you look handsome in a tie. *wink*

Merlyn Gabriel said...

Wow, public transit sure gets crowded at rush hour!

So if Royal guards have to do trooper rotation , is this trooper equivalent?

HR can be really unfriendly if you have done something to tick them off, my advice flowers and a big box of very expensive chocolates. (Or ask them if they have seen Lord Vader recently...that sometimes works as well.)

good luck with it all.
XXXs and OOOs

Steven said...

Sounds like you were on the CTA Red Line, except the floor on your transit system was not littered with wrappers, spill stains, and enough petrified fried chicken to feed a small family.

David said...

this b a strange place, yes