Wednesday, May 10, 2006

More Q & A With Tak

A guess I opened a can of scalacc with opening up the floor for questions. I will answers another batch. Then like a Senatorial Press Person, I will have to take no more questions for the week.

Captian Berk had a threefer:
1: Does everybody share the same body armour, or do you have your serial number sewn in the back so that you know which is yours?
2: Is it strange looking at yourself every day without needing a mirror?
3: Does one of you try out a hairstyle, then all of you follow if it looks good?

1: What is this thing called “armour”? Is it a cross between defensive plating and romantic love? I am un sure of the question.
2: Not really, you get used to it after 10 years of living with 200,000 of yourselves.
3: Yes, mostly. But we tend to avoid the hair styles of Batch Three. The Rasta Clone look was just weird.

Randy Asked:

Did any of you get to meet Jango Fett before he died?

A few of us saw him around Kamino, but he was not very talkative with us. And when he did he always wanted to give advise on cooking. Strange.

Captian Typho wanted to know:

About Jardena and her CO -- should I be concerned?

*cough…sputter, sputter…cough* I have no idea what your talking about. Is her old CO coming around again? *begins to turn a little red, then deep breathing* I mean, Who?

Darkjedikriss inquired:

Boxers or Briefs?


Master Yoda asked:

No pockets your armor has. Keep your pocket lint, where do you?

In our bellybuttons, of course.

Fluke wanted to know:

Do you have a belly button?

See Master Yoda question. And before you ask why we have a bellybutton, I would say well you have nipples.

Jon, the Intergalatic Gladiator was curious about:

Septentor's a clone. Could you take Serpentor in a fight?

If he’s that little C.O.B.R.A punk, then yeah I could kick his @ss into a Barbie commercial.

Son Goku asked:

What would happen If I poured Ketchup into a tank where a Clone is developing ( man this is slow Ketchup.)


Gyrobo asked:

Can gravity be cloned?

OK, now you’re just asking silly questions

HMS asked:

Did you know ARC trooper A-98 (or, Nate)? He's the one who got Jango's ex-girlfriend pregnant.

Not that I know of. Wouldn’t Boba gotten a little miffed about that, cuz it’s kinda creepy.


Professor Xavier said...

Do you ever punch in the time cards of you r"brothers" when they are late? You know, like a Code of the Clones thing.

Happy Mask Saleswoman said...

why Boba? *confused*
here's a question: do you think Padme will let me join Dex's blog if I ask really, really nicely?

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Yes, I think she will, HMS. She's a pretty nice person

Vampirella said...

Okay do clones get/have girlfriends

and if yes then does the girl ever get confused and end up going home with the wrong clone....

Or do you play twin games by telling your co I am not tak he is when you really are tak?

Are there any unusual marks which indifferent you?

Wedge Antillies said...

I think Vampi is fishing for a menage-a-trois. But, hey, if you need a fourth for a bridge game, give me a call. :-)

Jo Jo The Monkeyboy's Ghost said...

Howya doin' buauuuuth?

Do you have Prince Alderaan in a can?

Better let 'um out!

Hoo hoo hoo hoo ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ho hoo hoo hoo hoo ah ha ha haah aha hahahah aha ha haha ah asha aha aha aha hoo hoohoo!

Master Yoda said...

Good answers those were!

Of course, known I should have that keep your pocket lint in your belly button, you would. The logical place that is.

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Oh, I always figured you kept you pocket lint in that wierd little cylinder thing you all wear on the back of your armor. What the purpose of that thing then?

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Isn't that their shaving kit and toothbrush?

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Commando, huh? I knew it!

Professor Xavier said...

I thought that cyclinder held their breath spray, for use in case they come across any lady clones.

Jaina Solo said...

You could replace Master Yoda! I can see it now. "The Wisdom Of A Clone"...

Captain Berk said...

Kinda creepy?

Just a little!