Thursday, November 01, 2007

More on crappy jobs

On one of the junk hole planets we liberated, I was assigned with two oath troopers the task of presenting the news on a planet wide board cast. Each trooper was assigned a “real” name to make the population connect better with us. I, TK 266 was called Terry, MD 598 was called Matthew and RT 111 was called Rudolf.

troopper yellow
TK 266, Terry

trooper red
RT 111, Rudolf

trooper blue
MD 598, Matthew

At the news station, a husband and wife team from Coruscant were told to figure out which of use would do the different jobs: Newscaster, Sports reporter and Weather Guy.

After banter it about for a while and testing all three of us out. The Wife decides that I should be the Sport reporter, Matthew should be the Newscaster and Rudolf should be the Weather Guy.

“Are you sure?” asked the husband.

“Not so much about the news caster and the sports reporter, but after that interview I am sure about the weather guy>” She replied

“The red one? Why?” Asked the Husband.

“Because” the wife beamed, “Rudolf the Red knows rain, dear."


Fluke Starbucker said...

Not to mention, after a few egg-nogs, he has a very shiny nose.

I would dare say that if you ever saw it... you would even say it glows.

captain koma said...

And again the pain returns.

The pain.

It hurts.

Why do I read your stupid jokes?

utenzi said...

Oh, man. That joke is so old it dates back to Earth.

Michele sent me over to witness this humor.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

And did all of the other clones, used to alugh and call him names?

Did they let poor Rudolph join in any cloney games?

ribbiticus said...

haven't heard that one so you got a laugh from me. quite a troop you got there...just passin' through your galaxy courtesy of michele! ;)

Vampirella said...


What only 3 clones ? I think the Emperor will need more to pull his death star

Awareness said...

I started reading your post wondering where the heck I had just wandered into.....kept reading and ended up laughing out loud! I had never heard the joke before either.

may your reindeer nose always glow.

michele says hi and so do i.

have an interesting and fun evening.

craziequeen said...

ooh, my stomach hurts...
You're funny, AOC :-)

I'm so glad Michele sent me to say hi this evening.
And I think 'Terry' suits you :-)


Carmi said...

I think every society needs its share of bummer jobs. Mike Rowe was absolutely right!

Dry jokes are still jokes. And they still make me smile. Thanks for that!

Visiting (really late) from Michele's tonight. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

leslie said...

I'm a dork. You got a laugh out of me!
Michele sent me