Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Visit to an Office

Continued from here

I cling to the side of the building as the wind whips past me, almost pushing me over the edge. I used a maintenance droid the make it to this narrow ledge. I regain my footing and calm my breathing.

Using a disruptive energy beam devise I bypass the window security measures. I then refocus the beam to push the particles in the glass apart enough to step into the room. I move slowly into the room allowing my scanner to locate and identify any security devises in the room. I am wearing a skin tight environ-suit that matches my temperature to the room, as not to set off the known heat sensor.

The scanner reports a motion sensor. It is set to record anything moving faster then 2 cm per second. That will take me 7 minutes to reach the com station. Once there I can override the security system and put it on a loop, just as I have been taught by the Lt. Cmdr.

I sigh.

This is not what I should be doing. I am a solider, not a spy. Heck, I’m not even supposed to know how to slice this good. I am bothered that Captain Bray chose me for this assignment. But if this is what it takes to expose the Malstereian so be it. Plus what’s that old saying “It's an ill wind that doesn't blow some good.” I may not have to deal with Senator Ask Aak if the right people find out and who know what other benefits may come my way.

After what seems like the longest 8 minutes of my life, I make it too the com station. Using a copied ID, I “readjust” the room security settings. I write a quick sub-routine that will reset the system and erase any trace of my intrusion in the system.

I am not worried about the security officer who works out of this office coming into the building. Everything is going according to plan. He and his “date” should be finishing dinner. After that a little show and then the “date” will show him a good time. With the slightest amount of luck he will never know I was here.

Once in the security system I find the files I am looking for pretty quick. I have accesses the system remotely once before, but was only able to look at the top files. I scroll through the list of files: Mygeeto - nope, Mylok - no, Myomar - don’t care yet, Myrkr - no, Mytus - no , Naboo – here we are.

I scan the files. I read a basic background on Captain Dante Typho, formally of the Naboo home security forces, yada yada yada, now head of Senatorial security … Ah here it is: After the subject recent stint on Big Brother Naboo we have indications that the subject is in a dating and/or intimate relationship with Lt. Commander Jardena Ranne Oneida, also a former security officer (see file N: 329457) The subject has shown some signs of jealousy on several occasions. The subject and N:329457 have had a relationship in the past. Cause of separation undetermined. It is felt by command the subject may be a security risk. Continue to watch.

The rest of the file detailing survalance is closed to the security code I have. I contiplate tring to slice into the file, but the Lt. Cmdr’s words come back to me: “Never swim deeper that you can hold your breath.”

I change the file slightly. Then close it. Next I run a com-link trace to a termnial at the Jedi Termple. I then cover up the link with a Malstereian method, but leave a faint trace to this center. I do the same again, but this time to a com-station in the Nabooian security office, again leaving the faintest of trace back to this terminal. The bounce around I do to the signal should take at least a week to trace, if the person knows what they are doing.

I begin to run my sub-routine, clear any trace from the com-station, make my way back to the window, step outside and breathe freely for a moment. I use the maintenance droid to get me back to ground level, send a quick minute wiping it memory for the last hour.

I make my way back to base and wait to see the consequences of my actions.


Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

You are such a naughty llama. But nice job slicing

Professor Xavier said...

I've always that the name Typho sounds kind of like a disease. Something you would need penicillian to clear up.

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

LOL Professor, now I'll never see that name again without thinking that!

dianne_lone said...

lol. Nice blog. My friend from posted a similar experience in webdatedotcom.

Wedge Antillies said...

"Where does he get all those wonderful toys?"

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

I was Splogged!!! Unless Dianne'f friend had a date where they went on a Breaking & Entering Party. I hear that is the IN thing right now. *rolls eyes*

Jaina Solo said...

It's ok Tak. Getting splogged is the sign of a great blogger!

Or something like that...

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Why don't you slice into Dianne's account and give 'er whatfor!

Captain Typho said...

Security risk! What?

TX said...

lol you made me laugh with the comment on the slopg