Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Be careful how you say things ...

One of the more mind numbing and annoying assignment a Trooper can get is guard duty at the Republic Senate building.

The problems with the assignment are two-fold: having to talk to people all day and having to deal with the Senator from all over the galaxy.

It is bad enough having the deal with Senator Ask Aak, but deal with the lot of them all at once can be damaging to ones psyche. Here are examples from a typical day.


AOC: Good day Senator Balkie. Hope the transport in was not to bad.

Senator Balkie: No, it was fine *begins to walk through the detector*

AOC: Senator, you forgot to slide you ID card through the slot *turns off the alarm*

Senator Balkie: Ha Ha, I do that a lot, I am getting forgetful at my age. *begins to slide the card wrong*

AOC: Turn the card over … no not that way …. The magnetic strip has to face me ….No turn the strip down …. No, strip down facing me …..Ahhhhh my eyes … that is not what I meant!!!!!

sw old lady
Sen.Balkie in the buff

After washing my eyes with Hydrogen Peroxide for an hour I was back to work.

I see Senator Lairee K-Reg move over to my line.

AOC: Good day Senator K-Reg. How was the flight in from

sw larry craig 2
Sen. K-Reg and his wide stance on the issues.

Senator K-Reg: It was just awful, with the exception of the stop over on Mimban. Great restrooms there.

AOC: Uhhh, Yeah.

Senator K-Reg: Did you know TK-266, that TK is a common middle name on Indumodo?

AOC: No, Sir I did not.

Senator K-Reg: Any chance you are part Imdumodoian?

AOC: No Sir, I don’t think so.

Senator K-Reg: Maybe you have a little Indumodoina in you? What do you think?

AOC: I do not believe so, sir.

Senator K-Reg: *leaning in close* would you like to have a little Indumdoian in you? *he winks*

AOC: *sighs* Senator, for the 37th time, no.


I wish I was killing droids.


Galen said...

OMG could you past the Hydrogen Peroxide please

Henchman432 said...

EEEeewwww.....I think he needs a Hut.

captain koma said...
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captain koma said...

I got the damn e-mail address wrong.

Looking at the screen too long.

Don't you want to join who wants to be a super-villain?

Just e-mail Koma to join.

All the droids you can kill.

captain koma said...

still got it wrong

blogger your stopping me from recruiting

e-mail :

Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Pass the eye bleach....

Fluke Starbucker said...

AOC, thanks to that first pic - you've just fallen a rung on my ladder of blogs I like to visit.

...and that's bad, considering it's a one-rung ladder.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...


Leigh in Atlanta said...

I want to be killing droids too.

Sorry it took me so long to get over here from Michele's

Jawa Juice said...

she looks a little familiar.
I never forget a censored black strip.

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

JJ been sweating to the oldies, that why he thinks she is familiar.

That and I ripped it off from your blog.